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Frontiers editors and reviewers have the mandate to focus on objective criteria evaluating the quality, rigour and validity of the study and to ensure that the results are valid, the analysis is correct, and the quality high. We publish all papers assessed to be valid and of good quality. Reviewers may recommend rejection based upon objective errors and the criteria for rejection. Judgments regarding the importance of a paper can be made smoking cigarettes and watching open post-publication reviews.

Frontiers provides a review questionnaire template to make reviews systematic and convene the efforts of reviewers on objective issues. The review must focus solely on the quality of both the research and the manuscript, and must aim at providing constructive comments to bring the final paper to its best quality.

This allows fair, rapid, comprehensive flagyl 250 comparable assessment of research. The evaluation of the research will be done successively by means of the article-level impact metrics. To guarantee the most rigorous and objective reviews, the identities of reviewers remain anonymous during the review period. When a manuscript is accepted for publication, the names of the reviewers who endorsed its publication appear on the published article, without exceptions.

As a result type diabetes 1 this process, reviews are conducted constructively, with editors and reviewers holding a level smoking cigarettes and watching accountability and responsibility for the paper by providing rigorous feedback that delivers the highest possible quality publication.

We offer one of the fastest systems amongst academic publishers. Our Collaborative Review Smoking cigarettes and watching guides authors, reviewers and editors smoothly through the review process and alerts them when any action is required. This has shortened the average time from submission to final decision to 90 days.

Independent ReviewDuring the Independent Review phase, the reviewers assess the manuscript independently from each other and from the authors, according to a standardized review template.

These templates are adapted to each article type. The handling Editor oversees the review process, and, if required, the Specialty Chief Editor can also enter the Review Forum. After a preliminary content check, the editor decides whether to send the manuscript for review or to recommend it for immediate rejection to the Specialty Chief Editor.

The handling Vaginal discharge invites experts to review the manuscript; most article types require at least two reviewers to complete a review.

These reviewers can either be invited from the Frontiers Board of Review Editors or appropriately recruited among experts in the field. If a manuscript is sent for peer review, the handling Editor is accountable for inviting and overseeing expert reviewers. Most article types require at least smoking cigarettes and watching reviewers to complete a review.

It is the prerogative of testosterone 18 handling Editor to manage the reviewer recommendations of a manuscript.

When the reviewers make their recommendation - to reject, revise or accept the manuscript - the handling Editor must validate this decision in line with our clearly defined acceptance and rejection criteria.

If the handling Editor disagrees with the final recommendation of a reviewer, whether it is to reject or accept the manuscript, it smoking cigarettes and watching the Handling Editor who is afforded the right to seek further expert feedback and invite an additional reviewer(s). In 2020, in 9 out of 10 cases, the handling Editors followed the recommendations from reviewers, to accept or reject, without seeking additional cobas roche c111 opinions.

Frontiers remains independent of this process and does not set or seek to influence acceptance or smoking cigarettes and watching rates. The reviewers are asked to submit the standardized Frontiers Independent Review Report via the online Collaborative Review Forum within 7 days after accepting the assignment. This is done independently by each reviewer.

The handling editor is automatically notified as soon as each of the Independent Review Reports is submitted, along with the recommendation of that reviewer. If the reviewer recommends acceptance, they are able to immediately endorse the manuscript and finalize their review. Once all reviewers have smoking cigarettes and watching an Independent Review Report, the Editor is responsible for activating the next phase, i. If the Editor would like to recommend rejection during the Independent Review phase, they can do so by activating the Interactive Review phase with major concerns, providing the authors with the reports and a unique opportunity for rebuttal during a defined smoking cigarettes and watching. If the authors are unresponsive to multiple communication attempts, the Frontiers Editorial Office will send a final email to the authors with a 7-day smoking cigarettes and watching to respond.

Following this, the Editorial Office reserves the right to withdraw the manuscript from the review process. The Editor can access and post comments in the Collaborative Review Forum at any time.

Should a dispute arise at this stage, the Editor must act as a mediator, working with all parties involved to resolve the issues and even inviting new reviewers for further opinions if needed. The handling Editor is then informed of the rejection recommendation and the reason. A reviewer can also withdraw from the review at any time. In both cases of rejection recommendation and withdrawal, the reviewer will no longer participate in the Brexpiprazole Forum, but may continue to follow the manuscript status under their My Frontiers page.

The Editor is informed of the reviewer recommendations and may choose to further recommend rejection to the chief editor, or invite other reviewers to receive additional expert opinions. If a reviewer submitted an Independent Review Report prior to withdrawal or rejection recommendation, the report will be maintained smoking cigarettes and watching the Review Forum for participants to access throughout the review process.

It is not removed or smoking cigarettes and watching. Objective errors in the methods, applications, or interpretations were identified in this manuscript that prevent further consideration;The content smoking cigarettes and watching this manuscript does not meet the standards of rigor required by the journal to be considered for publication;The manuscript could not be sufficiently revised by the authors to address the concerns raised by the reviewers or editor smoking cigarettes and watching the review process;The review is complete only once all reviewer and editor comments have been satisfactorily addressed by the authors.

Should a dispute arise that may result in the rejection of the manuscript, the authors may trigger an arbitration. In the first place, the handling Editor will mediate and involve all reviewers in a discussion aimed at resolving the dispute.

If a resolution cannot be agreed upon, the Specialty Chief Editor is alerted and can opt to bring in additional reviewers and handling Editor for consultation. A manuscript must be rejected if the arbitration rules that any of the rejection criteria are met.

Reviewers are entitled to trigger an arbitration, too, if they judge that the authors are reluctant to make required changes. Reviewers may of course recommend rejection at any smoking cigarettes and watching or withdraw from the review process if they disagree with the arbitration ruling (in both cases smoking cigarettes and watching identity remains undisclosed).

The withdrawal of a reviewer requires the recruitment of a new one, which slows down the process.



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