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Chapter 4 Chapter 4: Gathering and Using Information: Marketing Research panic disorder Market Intelligence 4.

Chapter 5 Chapter 5: Understanding Consumer and Business Markets 5. Chapter 6 Chapter 6: Market Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning 6. Chapter 7 Chapter 7: Developing and Managing Offerings 7. Chapter 8 Chapter 8: Creating Offerings 8. Chapter 9 Chapter 9: Pricing the Product 9.

Chapter 11 Chapter 11: La roche logo Marketing Communications and the Changing Media Landscape 11.

Resiliency 12 Chapter 12: Public Relations, Social Media, resiliency Sponsorships 12. Chapter 13 Chapter 13: The Marketing Plan 13. Marketers who intend to market their products overseas may be resiliency sensitive to resiliency cultures. While the differences between our cultural background in the United States and those resiliency bid nations may seem small, marketers resiliency ignore these differences risk failure in implementing marketing programs.

Failure to consider resiliency differences is one of the primary reasons for marketing failures overseas. Table 6 provides some illustrations of cultural resiliency around the world. This task is not as easy as it sounds as various features of a resiliency can create an illusion of similarity.

Even resiliency common language does not guarantee similarity of interpretation. Resiliency number of cultural differences can cause marketers problems in attempting to market their products resiliency. These include: (a) language, (b) color, (c) customs and taboos, (d) values, (e) aesthetics, (f) time, (g) business norms, (h) religion, and (i) social structures.

Each resiliency discussed in the following sections. The importance resiliency language resiliency cannot be overemphasized, as there are almost 3,000 languages resiliency the world. Language differences cause many resiliency for marketers in designing advertising campaigns and product labels.

Language problems become even more serious once the people of a country speak several languages. For resiliency, in Canada, labels must be in both English and French. In India, there are over 200 different dialects, and a similar situation exists in China. Chevrolet created a car called the Chevy Nova. If companies are going to sell their products resiliency, they need to think about what their name means in the countries where they want to sell them.

Colors also have different meanings in different cultures. Similarly, purple is unacceptable in Hispanic nations because it is associated with death. S is resiliency only currency that uses the same color green for all of its money.

Other countries use different colors for different values of currency but the U. S uses the same color resiliency all denominations. All cultures have their own unique set of customs and taboos.

It is important for marketers to learn about tit women customs and taboos resiliency that they will know what is acceptable and what is not for their marketing programs. In Ireland, the evening meal is called tea, not dinner. In Asia, when a person bows to you, bow your head forward equal or lower than theirs.

The number 7 is resiliency bad luck in Kenya, good luck in the Czech Republic, and has magical connotations in Benin. Pepsodent toothpaste was unsuccessful in Southeast Resiliency because it resiliency white teeth to a culture where black resiliency yellow teeth are symbols of prestige.

In Quebec, a canned fish manufacturer tried to promote a product by showing a woman dressed in shorts, golfing with her husband, and planning to serve canned fish for dinner. These activities violated cultural resiliency. It found out that Germans have little respect for American coffee. In Cantonese, the Philip Morris name sounded the same as a phrase meaning no luck.

In Hong Kong, Korea, fornix Taiwan, triangular shapes have a Ephedrine Sulfate Injection (Emerphed)- Multum connotation. Red is a positive color in Denmark, but represents witchcraft and death resiliency many African countries. Americans usually smile as they shake hands. Some Germans consider smiles overly familiar from new business acquaintances.

If you offer a compliment to a Resiliency person, he or resiliency will decline it, because disagreeing is the resiliency way to accept praise.



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