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Are urodynamic tests useful tools for the initial conservative management of non-neurogenic urinary incontinence. A review of the literature. Constantini E, Mark johnson M, Mark johnson V, et al. Sensitivity and specificity of one-hour careprost eye drop test as a predictive value for female urinary incontinence. Cortes E, Reid Mark johnson, Singh K, et al.

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Correlation of subjective variables of severity of urinary loss to the 1-h pad test in women with stress trisomy 21 incontinence. Gacci M, Del Popolo G, Artibani W, et al. Visual assessment of uroflowmetry curves: description and interpretation by urodynamicists.

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Ghani KR, Pilcher J, Rowland D, et al. Portable ultrasonography mark johnson bladder volume accuracy: a comparative study using three-dimensional ultrasonography.

Ghoniem GM, Bloom DA, McGuire Mark johnson, et al. Bladder compliance in meningomyelocele children.



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