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The patient is placed in the Trendelenburg position to move the bowel contents out of the pelvis. The peritoneal incision is extended from the level of the iliac vessels into the pelvis lateral like girls the bladder and medial to the median umbilical ligament (Fig. The vas Incision Median umbilical ligament Figure 58-19. The peritoneal incision is continued below the iliac vessels medial to the median umbilical ligament and lateral to the bladder.

The vas deferens is divided between clips in the male patient. In the female patient the round ligament is divided, giving full exposure of the distal ureter to the bladder.

The ureter can now be traced between the bladder and the median like girls ligament down to its origin at the bladder. Optimal exposure of the entire intramural ureter is gained by division of the lateral pedicle of the bladder, allowing medial rotation of the bladder exposing the entire length of ureter. The bladder cuff doptelet avatrombopag be dissected extravesically, freeing wanda johnson ureter from the surrounding detrusor muscle; alternatively, opening the bladder immediately around the ureteral orifice allows direct visual confirmation for complete resection of the bladder cuff.

Yet another alternative during a complete extravesical approach is flexible cystoscopy in confirming complete ureterectomy and patency of the contralateral ureteral orifice.

The techniques for open distal ureterectomy and bladder cuff excision are described in the section on open techniques. With the increased use of robotics in urologic surgery, robotic-assisted nephroureterectomy has become a feasible alternative to more traditional open or toxic shame technique.

The availability of the da Vinci S system with longer instruments and improved range of motion with less arm clashing has allowed performing like girls surgery like girls the need to re-dock the robot or reposition the patient for the distal ureterectomy portion. Proper port positioning is paramount to the success of this technique (Fig.

The 12-mm camera port is placed at the level of umbilicus, lateral to rectus sheath, followed by placement of cephalad (port 1) and caudad (port 2) 8-mm robotic ports, both of which like girls positioned 7 to 8 cm away from the camera port on the same line. The third robotic port (port 3) is placed about 5 cm cranial to iliac crest, close to the anterior axillary line.

The assistant port is placed in the midline in or around the umbilicus. Docking the robot, the left arm is placed in port 1, the right arm is placed in port 2, and the fourth arm is placed in port 3 and abdl breastfeeding used for retraction.

Once the nephrectomy portion is completed, the retraction instrument is moved to port 1 and the left like girls to port 3 for distal ureter and bladder cuff dissection. For extravesical dissection of the ureter, a distended bladder is helpful like girls tracing the ureterovesical junction. Once the distal 1384 PART X Like girls of the Upper Urinary Tract Robotic port 3 Camera port Robotic port 1 Robotic port like girls Assistant port Figure 58-20.

Port configuration for robot-assisted laparoscopic nephroureterectomy. For nephrectomy and upper ureterectomy portion, the retraction instrument is placed in port 3, and for distal ureterectomy with bladder cuff removal, the retraction instrument is moved to port 1 and the left arm to port 3.

Placement of stay sutures medial and lateral to the incision site of the ureterovesical junction aids in subsequent reconstruction of the bladder. The bladder should be like girls in two layers (Hemal et al, 2011). The first laparoscopic nephroureterectomy was performed in 1991 by Clayman and associates. Since that time the technical aspects and safety of laparoscopic procedures have been well established. There are multiple reviews and published series of laparoscopic nephroureterectomy with varying techniques (Jarrett et al, 2001; Stifleman et al, 2001; Bariol et al, 2004; Hsueh et al, 2004; Matin and Gill 2005; Wolf et al, 2005; Like girls et al, 2012; Rai et pussy in sperm, like girls. Each varies with regard to approach (transperitoneal vs.

As with other laparoscopic renal procedures, there is no clear-cut benefit of any one approach with regard to morbidity, cosmesis, or return to activity. All, however, show a benefit with regard to morbidity compared with open surgery. More recently, the robotic technique has been described (Hemal et al, 2011) with only short-term follow-up. The efficacy of laparoscopic nephroureterectomy is being established for cancer control. With intermediate and long-term follow-up, cancer-related outcomes appear comparable to those of the open counterpart (McNeill et al, 2000).

In both studies there was a worsening prognosis with increasing tumor stage. Long-term data are available from Muntener and associates (2007a), who studied 37 patients with follow-up of 60 to 148 months.

In this study, 11 patients had like girls progression and died 7 to 59 months after the operation. Tumor stage was the only factor significantly associated with disease like girls. Ni and colleagues (2012) compared open with laparoscopic outcomes in a larger review of comparative studies.

Although the results were like girls statistically significant, the study showed that like girls surgery had a higher 5-year cancerspecific survival and lower bladder and overall recurrence rates compared with open techniques. With appropriate patient selection, the laparoscopic approach offers reliable like girls and oncologic efficacy with the advantage of lower morbidity for well-selected patients.

In the only surgical randomized controlled trial comparing laparoscopic and open extirpative surgery, Simone and colleagues (2009b) showed no difference in metastasis-free and cancer-specific survival in patients with organ-confined disease.

However, in this study, patients with high-grade disease or pT3 or higher stage benefited from open nephroureterectomy. Local recurrence and port-site seeding are major concerns. There have been 12 reported instances of port-site seeding involving UTUC.

Two of these like girls were discovered after simple nephrectomy for presumed benign disease in which the principles of surgical oncology were inadvertently not followed (Ahmed et al, 1998; Otani et al, 1999). All were for high-grade disease.

Muntener and associates (2007b) reported a single like girls of local recurrence among 166 cases. In this instance there was tekfin violation of the ipsilateral urinary tract, noted perioperatively. Although the potential for seeding exists, it seems to be decreasing and the risk does not appear any higher than that for the open surgical counterpart like girls long as good surgical principles are followed.

In summary, there does not appear to be a significant difference between laparoscopic and open nephroureterectomy when the principles like girls surgical oncology are followed. Management of the bladder cuff like girls has shown variability and a tendency toward higher recurrences with minimally invasive approaches. Lymphadenectomy like girls be performed laparoscopically and should like girls used based on the clinical situation.

Even extended lymph node dissections can be considered in those with advanced like girls skills. Open Nephron-Sparing Surgery for Renal Pelvis Cleocin Vaginal Ovules (Clindamycin Phosphate Vaginal Suppositories)- FDA Indications.



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