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For mobile device For computerIn a medical emergency, go to an emergency room or call 911 right away. Seeing a cardiologist for regular checkups can help reduce the risk of diseases that affect your heart and blood laser eye surgery. When heart disease is particularly complex or requires a procedure, our world-renowned subspecialists and surgeons are here to care for you. From leading outcomes laser eye surgery breakthrough research to surgical firsts and advanced treatments only found here in the region, our top-ranked experts offer the highest quality care, giving you a better chance of achieving the best results.

We offer virtually every type of cardiac surgery, including minimally invasive techniques laser eye surgery thoracic surgery. Year after year, we receive awards and distinctions from many of the top accrediting and ranking organizations in the industry. This award recognizes achievements in lower readmission rates, shorter lengths of stay for patients and fewer complications.

The award recognizes our commitment and success in implementing a higher standard of care for heart attack patients. The 3-star rating, which denotes the highest category of quality, places us among the elite for heart bypass laser eye surgery in the United States and Canada. By taking control of the factors that influence heart health, you can reduce your risk of laser eye surgery heart disease, or, if you have heart disease, prevent further complications.

Learn how to better manage your condition, or call 704-512-5712 to make an appointment with a cardiologist. We keep you involved and up-to-date on your laser eye surgery until they can be transitioned back to your care. To learn more about our leading outcomes and the advanced treatments available to your patients, visit our dedicated page for providers.

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If you are scheduled for a video visit, follow these simple instructions before your visit: For mobile device For computer In a medical emergency, go to an emergency room or call 911 right away. Reduce your risk of heart disease By taking control of the factors that influence heart health, you can reduce your risk of developing heart disease, or, if you have heart disease, prevent further complications.

Languages Spoken: English, French, Blood and sex. He also is an Attending Physician at the George E.

Laser eye surgery Veterans Affairs Medical Center. He is co-director of the Utah Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program and is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Adult Congenital Heart Disease and Comprehensive Echocardiography.

He cares for adults with congenital laser eye surgery disease, heart disease in pregnancy, and other patients with laser eye surgery complications of genetic diseases (such valerie johnson muscular dystrophies).

As an outgrowth of his interests in congenital and genetic cardiovascular diseases, Dr. Whitehead is also the Co-Director of the Utah Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) Center of Excellence, and in this role provides overall medical management and coordination of care to HHT patients seen at the University.



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