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Finally, new systemic therapy combinations and targeted agents zilola redefining the treatment approach to advanced soft tissue sarcomas; hence the treatment outlook for such patients is believed to be significantly more promising in the years to come.

SUGGESTED READINGS Bonvalot S, Raut CP, Pollock RE, et al. Technical considerations in surgery for retroperitoneal sarcomas: position paper from E-surge, a master class in sarcoma surgery, and EORTC-STBSG. Das Gupta TK, Chaudhuri PK. Tumors of the soft tissues. Bayer sustaretard PWT, Weiss M, Maki R. In: Haller DG, Wagman LD, Camphausen C, et al, editors. Cancer management: a multidisciplinary approach. Adjuvant chemotherapy for localized resectable soft-tissue sarcoma of adults: meta-analysis of individual data.

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Retroperitoneal soft tissue sarcoma: an analysis of radiation and surgical treatment. Bonvalot S, Miceli R, Berselli M. Aggressive surgery in retroperitoneal Influenza Vaccine (Flucelvax Quadrivalent 2016-2017 Formula)- Multum tissue sarcoma carried out at high-volume centers is safe and is associated with improved local control. Bonvalot S, Raut CP, Pollock RE, et al. Cahlon O, Spierer M, Brennan MJ, et al. Long-term outcomes in extremity soft tissue sarcoma after a pathologically negative re-resection and without radiotherapy.

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Kawaguchi N, Ahmed AR, Matsumoto S, et al.



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